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Timun Mas : Bag Project

This is a project that I did in semester 3. This project is inspired by 'Timun Mas' which is a children's folklore from Indonesia that tells the story of an old widow who feels very lonely and wants a kid. One day, a green giant heard her wish and give her timun mas (golden cucumber) seeds. The old widow plants the seed and it grows a big golden cucumber. When she opened it, there is a baby girl inside and she named her Timun Mas. As what the green giant promised to the old widow, the green giant wants Timun Mas to be given to him when she reaches 16 years old to be eaten by him. 

When Timun Mas reaches 16 years old, the old widow is not ready to let Timun Mas go, therefore, she asks for help from God. God help her by giving her 4 bags which contains seeds, needles, salt, and shrimp paste to fight the green giant.

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