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Borobudur: 'Sasha The Noble Rabbit'

This digital prints pattern is used for my final year project (year 3) which inspired by Borobudur (The biggest Buddhist temple in the world which located in Central Java, Indonesia).  There are relief on the wall of the temple. Every panel tells different stories about Siddharta Gautama's life cycle, Borobudur's people customs and culture, and morale stories from local puppets (wayang). 

This particular prints is inspired by one of the Budhha's life cycle as a noble rabbit called Sasha who wants to do good deeds by sacrifice itself to be eaten by a monk who is actually a God who wants to test the rabbit determination to help around. This rabbit also have  another friends such as monkey, fox, and beaver who also wants to do a good deeds by giving away their food to the monk. 

Full stories can be seen here.

Graphic  Studies

This project is intended to womens clothing and accessories. I started by gathering characters from the stories and decide the style of the line works. 

As I want to have a more mature looks, I think semi-realistic style. next, I start to make the graphic studies for each characters.

The graphic illustrations is using pencil and short strokes.

Conception of the mockup

Before fill the characters with colors, I firstly arrange the images to make a one harmonious picture. The picture on the left was intended to be not repeated pattern as I need it to be more customed for my collections. (90 x 100 cm).

Picture below was the first colour palette intention and the variations I made.

I think the colour was quite harmonious, however, I felt that the colour is not aligned with my initial plan for women wear. I feel that this composition is more compatible for kidswear as well as the illustration.

It was came up to me when everything will looks more mature, androgyny, evil, when you invert the picture. The good become looks bad, The bad become looks good. 

Therefore, the left picture was inverted from the previous colour palette. I'm quite satisfied with how it turns. It's less looks like kidswear and the composition more compatible for mature person.

Below are the variation of the prints.

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